Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two girls

these are more sketches of girls, these ones are really quick sketches. i liked how the turned out so i'm putting them up

Running horse

This is a sketch i did of some horses. i'm really happy with the running one, i've been studying horses all summer and have found them very difficult to get. but i think i'm starting to get them

Tiger and gorilla

this is just a sketch of a tiger and a gorilla that i liked.

Girl sketch

i've been studying the female figure, this is just one of the many sketches that i have done trying to capture the figure. I think this one turned out better than most of them.

a full page of squirrel sketches

I really like that one squirrel on this page, i wish i had used this one for my portfolio

wolf sketch

a sketch of a wolf

orangutang sketches

just some sketches